About eimpound.com

Dedicated to saving you time and money.

eimpound.com helps tow yard operators across the country get vehicles picked up sooner with less effort.

Avoid messy lien priority fights during lien sales by finding the right lien holder the first time. Our unique database contains private lien records from over 50 of the nation's largest lenders.

Simply enter the VIN number of a towed vehicle and eimpound.com will notify the lien holder of the vehicle's location. The lien holder's recovery team can then pay your fees and move the vehicle off of your lot quickly.

A Powerful Nationwide VIN database

eimpound.com is a service provided by Locator Technologies, LLC.

Locator Technologies is the leading provider of vehicle location information for the vehicle financing industry.

Locator has a nationwide database representing vehicles subject to liens held by major auto finance companies, large banks, and many smaller lenders as well.

Major lien holders that work with eimpound.com include:

  • Ally Bank
  • Honda Financial Services
  • BMW Financial Services
  • Hyundai Motor Finance
  • Capital One Auto Finance
  • Mercedes-Benz Credit Corporation
  • CarMax
  • Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.
  • Chase Auto Finance
  • State Farm Bank
  • Drive Financial
  • TD Auto Finance
  • Toyota Financial Services
  • GM Financial
  • Wells Fargo Bank

eimpound.com puts you in contact with lien holders instantly, enabling you to get paid faster.

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