What Drives eImpound?


By combining the most extensive lien holder database with an intuitive user experience, eImpound excels at making life easier for multiple sectors in the automotive industry.


Although we specialize in developing digital tools for a fast-paced world, we have never forgotten the human element and the importance of friendly, authentic customer service.

Our Leadership Team

Jack Bernstein

Jack has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of vehicle finance collections. He consults for law enforcement agencies including the FBI, and is a sought-after speaker at law enforcement conventions and vehicle finance trade shows and conventions.

Dennis Frias

Director of Law Enforcement Relations
Dennis joined Locator Technologies after 20-years in law enforcement, working mainly in vehicle theft investigations. He's worked on several regional and state vehicle theft task forces and instructed export theft courses nationwide and internationally. His professional affiliations include the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, Western States Auto Theft Investigators Association, North American Export Committee and more.

Kris Jurka

Chief Technology Officer
Kris joined Locator Technologies in 2007 to manage and oversee all technology initiatives and the development of internal and external applications. Prior to joining Locator, Kris worked for various e-commerce, publishing, and aerospace companies where he specialized in data management and web technologies.
eImpound is a proud partner of Locator Technologies LLC, the leading provider of timely, money-saving information for vehicle finance and other automotive industries. Visit Locator Technologies.

eImpound throws a big net, and we throw it fast.

We monitor

Constant monitoring of more than 85% of all financed vehicles in America

We monitor

We have more than 30 million VINs in our vast database

We monitor

Our real-time data finds vehicles in less than 24 hours… versus the days or weeks needed for conventional searches

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