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Logging in and using Eimpound’s interface is effortless. It cuts your research time and gets vehicles back to lien holders quickly.


Users can enter one VIN or tag at a time, or can attach a batch file to identify lien holders of multiple vehicles simultaneously.


Eimpound has approximately 85% of U.S. lien holders in its database. That’s about 30 million active liens!


In addition to the primary database, Eimpound also searches all other public and private sector lien record databases in 50 states.


Users can set up an automatic batch feed to Eimpound on a timely basis (daily, weekly, monthly) to help streamline operations.


The new Eimpound app lets users scan VIN barcodes with Apple or Android tablets and phones, to deploy searches while standing right next to the vehicles.

Eimpound.com Refreshingly Simple

Easy to Use Features

Step 1: Sign up on your phone or laptop

After just a few moments of setting up, you’ll be off and running - absolutely free!
Easy to Use Features

Step 2: Enter or upload your VINs

You can key in the number or scan the VIN bar code with a mobile device and our free app.
Easy to Use Features

Step 3: Relax and collect your money

Eimpound finds the lien holder and owner, sends you an e-receipt and contacts the lien holder.

Questions? Here are a Few We Tend to Receive:

How can Eimpound be free?

Unlike expensive tools out there, Eimpound is a no-charge service. Naturally, we need to generate income to remain a successful business, and that funding comes from lenders, insurers and others who pay fees to monitor their VINs through our Locator Technologies LLC database.

Do you have every VIN in America?

Close. It’s difficult to gather them all, but Eimpound has access to more than 85%, with additional outreach tools to search VINs that aren’t immediately retrievable.

How do I know Eimpound was successful in finding the lien holder?

If a match is found in the database, Eimpound sends you an e-receipt with the contact information for the lien holder AND sends the lien holder an electronic notification as well. If there is no initial match in the eimpound database within the next two business days Eimpound will search other lien record databases.

Does the mobile app take a picture of the VIN and send it?

No, when you use the app with a mobile device, it scans the VIN bar code, and then sends that code to Eimpound for retrieval of the lien data.

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