Digital Notifications Work

Rick Hyde is the Vehicle Impound Coordinator for the Peoria, AZ Police Department. One day his phone rang. It was a lien holder calling to complain that a tow operator had auctioned off one of their vehicles after receiving an Abandoned Title. The lien holder claimed they never received any notifications, but when Rick checked, he found that he had dutifully sent their office a notification letter. The problem was, the lien holder had closed that office and never registered a change of address – so all the notices were going to an empty office. “Needless to say, they lost the car and lien and didn’t get a cent out of the city or tow operator,” Rick said. He explained that with eImpound, this snafu would have never happened. “The digital notifications are faster, more reliable and lien holders jump on them as soon as they come in,” Rick said.

Tool of the Towing Trade

Dave Hudson owns D&H Towing in Delaware. He once dealt with the DMVs himself, spending money and waiting weeks to receive vehicle owner information on tows. Today he uses eImpound and immediately enters the VINs on every vehicle that D&H tows in, and is impressed by how quickly the lien holders and owners contact his lot and retrieve their vehicles. “eImpound works really well and is a critical tool in our arsenal,” Dave says.

Fast Pickup & Payment

Like owners of other auto repair and body shops, Charlie Berry of “My Mechanic” in Maryland has experienced the hassles of tracking down lien holders and owners to collect unclaimed vehicles. Those days are gone, because now eImpound does Charlie’s dirty work for him. He appreciates that eImpound’s information is more up-to-date than the DMV’s, and vehicles get picked up faster. “We get paid, and everyone is happy,” Charlie says. And that pretty much sums up what eImpound is all about.

Multi-State Search

A Virginia tow operator had a problem. Many of the VINs they searched in the Virginia DMV website weren’t there, because they weren’t Virginia vehicles. They were registered in Maryland, DC or other surrounding states. In addition to the time-consuming task of searching DMV websites for multiple states, the operator couldn’t legally auction certain vehicles that were less than five years old or valued at more than $12,500. So, they had no choice but to sit on numerous vehicles, and wait. eImpound changed the game. The tow company reports, “Now we can look up vehicles in any state and get emails with the owners’ contact information.

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