Get Paid Faster

Get Paid Faster

Cut your research time and vehicles out of your lot quickly.

Accurate Lien Information

Accurate Lien

Avoid lien priority issues during lien sales.

Unique Data

Unique Data

An exclusive database of private lien records.

Easy Notifications

Easy Notifications notifies lien holders electronically.

“Lien Holders jump on these notifications. The digital notifications are not only faster, but more reliable. I had a Lien Holder call me once complaining about Western Towing auctioning off one of their vehicles after they got an Abandoned Title. The Lien Holder was complaining that they never got notification. When I checked, I found that I sent them a letter and when I told them the address listed in MVD for their office, they told me they had closed that office. Apparently they never put in a change of address with MVD, so all of the notices were going to a closed office. Needless to say, they lost the car and the lien and they didn’t get a cent out of the city or Western Towing.”

-- Peoria, AZ Municipal Yard Operator

“I’m impressed. It’s an excellent service, and eimpound is never wrong. We use it all the time. And its free!”

-- Sandra Nagra with Abrams Towing in Ontario

“I like it because its quick, easy, and we don’t have to deal with DMV and wait weeks and spend money to get the information. Anything we tow in, I put it in there. We have probably been contacted by half a dozen finance companies due to the service, and half of them have retrieved their cars. It works very well, and it’s one more tool in the arsenal.”

-- Dave Hudson, Owner at D&H Auto & Towing in Delaware

“The website has come in handy for tracking down the lien holder and the lien holder picking it up. We get paid, and everyone is happy. The information you send us is more up to date than the information from the MVA (DMV).”