Dave responded to a police-authorized tow and hooked the car to his tow truck as if on autopilot. After thousands of nearly-identical tows, Dave could practically do this stuff in his sleep. Back at the impound lot, he tucked the dusty vehicle in its slot. And there it sat. And sat. And sat. Whoever had driven the car last certainly lacked any urgent interest in recovering it. Dave didn’t care why, he just wanted compensation for his professional services and to have the car off the lot. Unfortunately for Dave, the onus of finding the rightful lien holder and vehicle owner fell on him. This chore was once akin to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack – requiring a time-consuming, expensive search involving DMVs, law enforcement or costly (but limited) data services. Once the lien holder and vehicle owner were found, the job continued. Dave once had to get word to them via snail mail, email or phone calls to say ͞Come get your car!͟Today Dave has a metal detector to find the needles in haystacks of vehicle data. He has eImpound. Whether Dave is at his desk using a computer or in the lot using the mobile eImpound app on his phone, finding and automatically contacting lien holders and owners is as easy as entering the VIN and hitting ͞Send.͟ And, it’s doesn’t cost Dave a dime. For anyone who has endured the traditional, tedious, expensive task of tracking down automobile lien holders/owners, be like Dave and take control of your own metal detector at eimpound.com.

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