When eImpound hit the scene, everyone from towing companies and law enforcement to states and municipalities collectively said, “Well it’s about dang time!” They wondered why it took so long for an electronic vehicle lien holder and owner search engine to arrive, given the information age in which we live.

After all, it’s only a matter of time before American States start changing their laws to allow for electronic identification and notification to lien holders and owners as Ontario did recently in Bill 15. eImpound simply opened their eyes to this trend and observed that all other industries were compiling time-and-money-saving databases… so why not do it for businesses and organizations in the automotive space.

By tapping into the phenomenal horsepower of Locator Technologies’ lien holder database, eImpound was born on the cutting edge of technology and already performs a specialized service today for more than 1,400 users. And unlike similar information efforts that might cover one, two or twenty states with significant fees, eImpound devoted itself to covering ALL fifty states and extending their service for free. Users just enter vehicle VINs and eImpound locates the lien holders and owners in the blink of an eye, and sends lien holders electronic notifications with all pertinent vehicle information.

So, what does the future hold for eImpound? Well, they’ve already added a handy mobile app and they’re driven to expand their 36,000,000-vehicle database to include even more VINs. According to an eImpound representative, “We’re free, fast and easy to use. You can’t improve on free, so we’re focused on making our service even faster and easier for everyone.”

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