Earlier this year, we talked about the future of electronic lien holder notification. Backed by the power of Locator Technologies’ lien holder database, eImpound provides an incredibly valuable and specialized service for now approximately 2,000 users across the United States.

After a tow, most state laws require certified or regular mail notification to lien holders…but these laws were in place well before the establishment and widespread use of email. Today, the options for lien holder and owner notification have expanded from certified mail to email and web-based services. With eImpound, users also have the ability to upload documentation, paper notices and letters, and deliver these electronically while creating a reliable audit trail.

eImpound’s electronic system adds another layer of audit tracking by notifying eimpound users, when the lien holder received an email from eimpound about the tow. It seems that eImpound’s system may satisfy the law’s requirements for notification, but we still advise our users to confirm this with their business attorney or state authorities.

Whatever comes next for the future of electronic notification, we’re confident that eImpound will be part of it!

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