Privacy Policy

Our company protects information entrusted to us by our users.

This policy describes how we will safeguard personal and company information of our users

It is our policy that:

  • The only information that our company will collect from users is the user's name, email, phone number, geolocation, and VINs entered into the app by the user.
  • Our company will only disclose information collected from our users in furtherance of assisting the user in identifying any lien holder of the vehicle associated with the VIN or VINs that the user entered and in furtherance of the protection of property rights of third parties and the enforcement of laws regarding the vehicle or vehicles associated with the VIN or VINs entered by the user.
  • Our company will use appropriate controls to ensure that information about our users is secure, and is only viewed or used by appropriate parties and only in furtherance of the purposes stated above.
  • Our company will comply with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards when protecting user information.
  • We hold our employees, vendors, contractors, suppliers, and trading partners to these same policies.